Touheed Institutions are today at crossroads & require your help and generosity to go ahead in its journey. We are an un-aided institution being run on self-support without any monetary assistance from the government. Due to poor financial position of the parents here, fee concessions are being extended to the deserving students on merit. Transport charges are also subsidized.

For the girls PU College, admissions are open to the students of all communities. Due to concessions extended both towards the school fees and transport, we have to face huge financial deficits every year. To maximize our effectiveness, we must have generous support from our well-wishers. The mission Touheed is to help our children grow, achieve and acquire necessary skills irrespective of their financial status. The help extended to us will directly benefit the students in their overall development.

Modes of fee concessions being extended in 'Touheed':
1. Concessions under Zakath funds for the deserving students / parents in a strictly confidential manner as per Islamic Shariya norms.
2. As a token of our reverence to those deserving Muslim brethren who are in service of the Deen like Khateebs / Imams, Muazzans, Qaadims of the Masjids and Islamic teachers of the 'Madrasaas', substantial amounts of concessions are being extended to them – purely out of Non-Zakath funding (wherever applicable) under "Hadiya" scheme.

Our earnest appeal to you to help us in the acquisition of the following impending requirements:

Acquisition of adjacent landed properties:
Due to extension of the existing school / college buildings, the area available for play ground is reduced to a very small extent. This is not at all sufficient to conduct any regular games / PT for our students. As such we are constrained to explore possibilities of acquisition of adjacent available landed properties. The cost of the landed properties may be estimated at Rs. 40,00,000/- (Rupees forty lakhs only).

Replacement of school furniture:
The school furniture (desks & benches) provided to the students has become old and obsolete over the years. As such we have decided to repair /replace them entirely in a phased manner. This may cost us about Rs. 1,30,000/- (Rupees one lakh thirty thousand only). per class room.

Additional computers for the PU/Degree College section:
Till date we have not been able to provide computers for the students of our Girls PU / Degree Colleges. As such we are urged to have additional computers which may cost us about Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees ten lakhs only).

Innovative concepts introduced:-

1. X_seed Education :-
Visibly better learning for every child and consistent teaching in every class room – a complete teaching improvement system that improves student’s academic performance, teaching methods and school reputation – globally transforming K_8 education from “rote” to “learning” and from “telling” to “teaching” – introduced from classes LKG to 5th std.

2. Life Skill Teaching :-
An Agreement has been entered into with M/s, Eterna Infotech Pvt Ltd – This programme aims to empower students to protect themselves, promote health and develop meaningful and enriching relationship – supported with real life examples and videos which provide students with an opportunity to question, explore and assess the situations, form their own values and make decisions for the present and future. – The programme also helps the students to develop them self – esteem having their study skills and strengthening their ability to cope with stress, improving their communication skills, developing assertiveness and peer – refusal skills.

3. Kreedo Pre – school solutions :-
With pre – school package to the junior students – consisting of pre – school equipments, learning aid, curriculum development and teacher training.

Income Tax exemption:
Donations to Touheed Education Trust (Regd) Gangulli-576216, Kundapura are eligible to Income Tax deduction U/S 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 vide order of the Commissioner of IT, Mangalore No T-21/80G (R/CIT/MNG/2008-9/ Dated 24th February 2009. As a result of the global recession, which pervades the entire economic world at present, we are finding it extremely difficult to receive patronage towards scholarships to the deserving students. While thanking you for having sponsored poor but deserving students all these years, we earnestly appeal to all of you to renew your sponsorship covering as many students as possible to enable them to continue their education in our institutions in future as well May the Almighty Allah bless you Jazakallahu Khairan! Educational expenses per child per annum (Academic year 2015-16) come to IRs. 18000/- (Rupees eighteen Thousand Only).