Ganguli an erstwhile port town, in the coast of Karnataka, had no English medium schools in the nineties. To address this problem & to impart value based education, "Touheed Educational Trust (R) Ganguli", a registered charitable organization, with education and community service as its prime objective, ventured into establishing an English medium school in October 1990.

Touheed began its great journey under the banner "Touheed Nursery School", in a small congested 10X10 room. The first batch comprised of a handful of students. Subsequently, a landed property of 0.59 acres was procured by the Trust for the school and the foundation stone for the school building was laid by Hazrat Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (Alimiyan) on 1st December 1991. The first phase of building construction was completed in 1991 itself.

The second phase was completed in the year 1995. Till then the classes were conducted in a rented building (post office building). In the year 1999, the third phase of construction was completed. The fourth phase was completed in the year 2001. In the year 2005, additional land of 0.56 acres was purchased. On 10th of April, the same year, the foundation stone for Touheed Girls' Pre University College was laid by Moulana Syed Yusuf Saheb (Khateeb Katchi Masjid, Mangalore).

On 1st of June, a new chapter began in the educational arena of Ganguli, for, on that day the Touheed Girls' Pre University College – an all girls' college (a plus two years course) opened its door to girl students belonging to any religion or caste.

The curriculum at the Touheed English Medium School, Ganguli, and Touheed Public School, Shiruru, is dual in nature. The onus is not just on English education; equal emphasis is given to Islamic studies. Quran, Hadith, and Islamic morals are taught to the students. Urdu holds onto the first language spot. Kannada is the other language taught as per the syllabus. Other areas of study taught in the school are General Knowledge, Computer Education, Physical Education, Moral Science, Life Skills and the like. Student friendly concepts like self-study, individual assessment, interaction between the student-parent-teacher through 'Open House', evaluation of students' progress etc are being implemented regularly.

Touheed English Medium School, Ganguli was a pioneering attempt by the Trust in the educational arena in the year 1990. Today, the school with strength of 626 students as on date is one of the best in the district owing to its phenomenal success over the years and its consistent academic performance. Although the school claims to be an English medium school, Urdu enjoys the privilege of being the first language. Besides, Islamic education is provided, familiarizing the students with their roots and the ultimate truth that they need to believe in – the Almighty Allah. The school aims at making the students imbibe Islamic morals, thereby enhancing their character, and molding them to be better human beings and responsible citizens of the country.

Touheed Girls' Pre University College situated in the same campus as the Touheed English Medium School, is an all-girls' pre university college with commerce stream open to students belonging to any religion or caste. The present strength of the students is 90. The College is ten years old and has achieved enviable academic results. The College has proved more than helpful in adding two more years of education in the armoury of many a poor girl student who could not continue studies owing to financial hindrances.

Touheed Public School, Shiruru an offshoot of the parent institution was set up in Shiruru in the year 2006-07, another testimony to the growing popularity of Touheed in the coastal province. The school caters to the schooling needs of the populace of Shiruru as well as from the neighbouring towns such as Bhatkal, Kirimanjeshwar, Nagoor, Byndoor and the like. The present strength of the students is 599.


"Dina" is a brainchild and a dream project of one of our elite patrons and a source of inspiration, Late Br. Syed Abdul Khader Saheb (Bashu) Shiruru. With his heart beats elevating with every cry of the poor, especially the physically disabled and mentally challenged children, who are often found neglected, ridiculed, mocked at, and cut off from the main stream of the society, Br Abdul Khader resolved to do his bit to provide these deprived lot with a dignified future by dreaming of a 'Home' where they could be treated with care, compassion, affection, love, motivation and more importantly self-respect and confidence.

Thus on 1/6/2005, a school was established by the name "Muskan" with 8 students on the roll and the management was assigned to the Green Valley National School, Shiruru (from the academic year 2005-06). Subsequently in the year 2007 (from the academic year 2007-08) due to certain administrative exigencies, the entire management was delegated to Touheed Educational Trust (R) Ganguli and the school was renamed as "Dina- School for Special Education & Rehabilitation, Shiruru".

Position as at today
Strength of students, Total – 28 Status: - Day school. Transport: - One School bus provided. Future plans:- 'Dina' would shortly be moving to its own spacious building adjacent to Touheed Public School, Shiruru with exclusive sections and a wide range of facilities and infrastructure to accommodate the special students from Bhatkal to Naunda.

Touheed Women's College of Commerce, Ganguli

Alhamdulillah!...In deference to the pressing demand and aspirations of the general public, our long cherished dream of a separate Degree college for girls (with was realized. Thanks to the support of our well-wishers the "Touheed Women's College of Commerce, Ganguli" was flagged off from 17th June 2013 with I year B.Com to begin with. The present strength of the students is 113. Islamic studies (Deeniyath) are also provided for the Muslim students in addition to the regular subjects.

Touheed group of educational institutions are managed by the Touheed Educational Trust (R), Ganguli. Almighty Allah has, undoubtedly, taken Touheed to greater heights with every year that has passed by. It is indeed His will and His blessing that Touheed today, is a force to reckon with, in the educational arena of Udupi District…A clear sign of Him accepting the efforts of a dedicated team – the think tank of Touheed that strives hard day in and day out for its development.

The Management Trustees:

Name Occupation Designation Photo
Abdul Khalique Business Chairman
Muhammed Inayatullah Business Vice Chairman
Abdul Hameed Shaikhji Business Treasurer
Akhthar Ahmed Khan Retd. Govt Servant Secretary Administrator
Imtiyaz Ahmed Kazi Business Correspondent
G. Mohammed Ameen Retd Officer LIC of India Trustee
Mutahhir MH Service Trustee
Mohd. Mujeeb Sikander Business Joint Secretary
Abdul Wahab Shabuddin Business Trustee
P M Iqbal Engineer Trustee
Murfad Nakhuda Service Trustee

Touheed is blessed with a wonderful staff, both teaching and non-teaching, who with their enormous efforts and commitment, make a difference, in the true sense of the term. Following are the details of the staff at Touheed.


Teaching Staff
Sl. No. Name Educational Qualification Designation
1 Ms. Syed Shabana Firdous MA B.Ed (Eng) Asst. HM
2 Ms. Pavithra Mogerthi BA B.P.Ed PT Teacher
3 Mr. Hafiz Samiyulla Hafiz Islamic Teacher
4 Ms. Vinoda BA D.Ed Asst. Teacher
5 Ms. Zulekha Mulla PUC D.Ed Asst. Teacher
6 Fathimun Nishad BCA Asst. Teacher
7 Ms. Fathima Sana BBM Asst. Teacher
8 Ms. Vidya G BA MA Asst.Teacher
9 Ms. Fasawwa Asma B.Sc Asst. Teacher
10 Ms. Sadiya Shaikh MA Ph.D Asst. Teacher
11 Ms. Buddu Rahmatunnisa Aalima Islamic Teacher
12 Ms. Sandhya B.Sc B.Ed(PCM) Asst. Teacher
13 Ms. Ashwini. B BA B.Ed Asst. Teacher
14 Rubina Bilal Aalima/Hafiz Deeniyath
15 Ms. Poornima .D PUC D.Ed Asst. Teacher
16 Mr. Sibgatulla MH Hafiz Islamic Teacher
17 Asha BA D.Ed Asst. Teacher
18 Ms. AnuSha BA MA Asst. Teacher
19 Mr. Abdul Subhan Nadvi BA (Aalim) Islamic Teacher
20 Ms. Aysha Farzeen M BA B.Ed (Urdu) Asst. Teacher
21 Ms. Poornima Shet BA B.Ed Asst. Teacher
22 Ms. Savitha BA B.Ed Asst. Teacher
23 Ms. Lalitha K M.Sc (CBZ) Asst. Teacher
24 Ms.Amreen Ilyas BA PGDCA Asst. Teacher
25 Ms. Nisha BA D.Ed Asst. Teacher
26 Mrs. Naziya Nikhath BA Asst.Teacher
27 Ms. Anitha PUC D.Ed Asst. Teacher
28 Kulsumbi Shaikh BA B.Ed Asst.Teacher
29 Janaki Moger B.Sc B.Ed Asst. Teacher
30 Ms. Fathima Zareen BA B.Ed Asst.Teacher
31 Ms. Roopa Kharvi BA D.Ed Asst. Teacher
32 Ms. Saigeeta Govinda Kharvi M.Sc Asst. Teacher
33 Ms. Akshtha S Naik M.Sc Asst. Teacher

Non-Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Mr. Abdul Hameed   Driver
2 Mr. G. Md. Tabrez   Driver
3 Mr. Manjunatha   Driver
4 Chandra   Driver
5 Sujatha   Conductor
6 Nagratna D   Conductor
7 Mr. Ilyas Kolkar   Attender
8 Ms. Veena .G   Attender
9 Mrs. Hawwabi   Ayah
10 Ramachandra Shet   Driver
11 Mrs.Ratna   Conductor
12 Ms. Deepa   Conductor
13 Mrs. Srimathi   Attender
14 Ms. Laxmi Krishna K PUC Receptionist
15 Nagaratna Conductor
16 Mrs. Laxmi   Conductor
17 Mr. Mohammed Jalal B.Com Account Assistant
18 Ms. Pratibha BA Librarian
19 Mr. Md. Zakriya Shaikh B.Com Office Manager
20 Mr. Rehan Khan B.Com Account. Assistant

Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Ms. Zubaida MA B.Ed HM
2 Ms. Arefa Afreen Shaikh B.Sc MBA Asst. teacher
3 Ms. Veena Hebbar Bhat MA B.Ed Asst. teacher
4 Ms. Geetha Hebbar PGDCA Asst. teacher
5 Ms. Zahidabi Nayeem Shaikh PUC D.Ed Asst. teacher
6 Ms. Noorjahan Ali Damkar PUC D.Ed Asst. teacher
7 Ms. Rekha Naik B.Sc B.Ed Asst. teacher
8 Ms. Nazima Budwant BA B.Ed(Urdu) Asst. teacher
9 Ms. Shilpa Shetty B.Sc B.Ed Asst. Teacher
10 Ms. Parvathi PUC D.Ed Asst.teacher
11 Ms. Divya BA B.Ed Asst. teacher
12 Mr.Abdal Abdul Aleem Aalim/Fazil Islamic teacher
13 Ms. Shireen Banu PUC D.Ed Asst. teacher
14 Ms. Kalpana Naik B.Sc B.Ed Asst. teacher
15 Ms. Mamatha Naik BA B.PEd Asst. teacher
16 Mr. Ziya-ur-rehman Aalim/Hafiz Islamic teacher
17 Ms. Aysha Samrin Sayed Asst. teacher
18 Ms. Sandhya BA B.Ed(Kan) Asst. teacher
19 Ms. Kishori Naik B.Sc B.Ed Asst. teacher
20 Ms. Sabeena Banu B.Com Asst. teacher
21 Ms. Tahira Tabassum Hafiz / Aalim Asst. teacher
22 Ms. Safiya Batool Islamic Teacher Asst. teacher
23 Ms.Fathima Ghazala B.Com Asst.teacher
24 Ms. Bibi Aysha Manal B.Com Asst. teacher
25 Ms. Mangala K Naik M.Sc Asst. teacher
26 MS.Hasifa B.Com Asst. teacher
27 Ms.Kawa Bibi Rahmatunnisa B.Com B.Ed Asst. teacher
28 Ms. Fathima Heena H BCA Asst.teacher

Non-Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed   Driver
2 Mr. Mushtaq   Driver
3 Mr. Irfan Khan   Conductor
4 Mr.Abdul Rehman Kasar   Security
5 Mr. Md. Sabir   Conductor
6 Mr. Abdul Azeez   Conductor
7 Ms. Malathi - Attender
8 Ms. Padmavathi   Attender/Con
9 Mr. Abdul Shukoor G.D B.Com T. Manager
10 Mr. Imran M.Com Accountant
11 Mr. Naresh Mesta   Driver
12 Ms. Vanitha - Attender/Con
13 Mr.Rajesh Shetty Driver
14 Ms. Jyothi Poojari PUC DCA Clerk
15 Mr. Abu Huraira Ruhan conductor
16 Mrs. Gulabi Attender
17 Ms. Shobha PUC Clerk

Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Ms. Deepika M.Com Lecturer
2 Ms. Rehana A Hameed MA B.Ed (Eng) Principal (TGPUC)
3 Ms. Anitha S Crasta M.Com Lecturer
4 Ms. Asha A Naik MA B.Ed (Hindi) Lecturer
5 Ms. Neena MK   Principal (TWCC)
6 Ms. Abinaya Devadiga M.Com Lecturer
7 Ms. Shruthi M.Com Lecturer
8 Ms. Yashoda MA (Eco) Lecturer
9 Ms. Salwa .N M.Com Lecturer
10 Ms. Mamatha Kharvi MA (Eng) Lecturer
11 Ms. Prabhavati MA B.Ed Lecturer
12 Ms. Vidya Mesta M.Com Lecturer
Non-Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Ms. Jyothi PUC Clerk
2 Ms. Kanthi Kharvi   Attender
3 Ms. Divya B.Com Clerk
4 Ms. Rita Dias Attender
5 Ms. Mangala Naik B.Com M.L.I.Sc Librarian

Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Ms. Kanchana R Naik BA B.Ed Incharge HM
2 Ms. Prema Naik BA D.Ed Asst. teacher
3 Ms. Mohini Madava Naik BA B.Ed Asst. teacher

Non-Teaching Staff
Sl. No.NameEducational QualificationDesignation
1 Patan Abubacker Driver
2 Chikamma Shetty   Aaya